Inconel Monel Rod

Inconel Monel Rod

We deal in inconnel alloys, which are used in chemical industries for their ability to maintain their structural integrity at high temperatures and resistance to oxidation. Innconel 601 is an alloy of Nickel-Chromium, which has additions of aluminium. The addition enhances the resistance of inconnel against oxidation and corrosion. Innconel 601 is widely used in heat treatment equipment, furnances and gas turbine components. Inconnel 690 is similar to 601 but it is a high chromium-nickel alloy and is resistant to corrosion occurred from salts, oxidizing acids and other commonly found aqueous elements.

Our Inconel 625 is different from other innconel alloys as its composition includes a differs from many of the other Inconel Alloys because its composition includes considerable amounts of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. Futher, it also includes niobium. Known for its high levels of strength, without any treat heat straightening treatment, our crevice corrosion resistant innconel are used in the aerospace and marine engineering industries.

Forms Available Sheets, Rods, Pipes, etc.
Grades Available 600, 601, 625, 825, etc.

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