Major Applications Of Monel Alloy And Its Tubes

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Major Applications Of Monel Alloy And Its Tubes

Major Applications of Monel Alloy and Its Tubes


Monel is a metal alloy that primarily contains Nickel (up to 70%), Copper (20-29%), Iron and Manganese (up to 5%) and traces of other compounds like Carbon and Silicon. It is highly resistant to corrosion, anti-rust and stronger than steel. Also, it is typically more expensive than stainless steel. 

Monel is a versatile metal alloy that has a plethora of application due to its extensive properties. As reliable Monel tube suppliers in India, let us elaborate some of the major applications of Monel products

Marine Applications: The incredible corrosion resistance feature of Monel alloy makes Monel tubes perfect for the piping based applications such as piping systems, pump shafts, seawater valves, trolling wire, and strainer baskets. Monel is frequently used for water and fuel tanks, and for underwater applications. Monel components are also used for propeller shafts and for keel bolts. 

Monel wire is also used to seize shackles for anchor ropes in recreational boats. Monel rivets are highly preferred for the purposes where strength is needed but stainless steel cannot be used because of its corrosive tendency. The corrosive problem of steel makes it highly avoidable for marine applications and in saltwater environments. 

Aerospace applications: Since the mid-twentieth century, Monel alloy products have been extensively used in building aircraft, especially in fabricating the frames and skins of experimental rocket planes. It is also used for safety wiring in aircraft maintenance as it ensures that fasteners cannot come undone even in high-temperature conditions. 

The excellent resistance to extreme heat generated by aerodynamic friction due to the high-speed flight makes Monel products very suitable for such applications. Since Monel alloy is capable of retaining its strength at very high temperatures, therefore it maintains its usual shape even at high atmospheric flight speeds. Although it is heavier than steel due to high density, it’s controlled application is worth it. 

Oil production and refining: Monel shows outstanding resistance to hydrofluoric acid in all concentrations up to the boiling point. That property makes it suitable to be used in the section of Alkylation units in direct contact with concentrated hydrofluoric acid. It is perhaps the most resistant of all commonly used alloys. 

Monel products also show incredible resistance to many forms of hydrochloric and sulfuric acids under reducing conditions. Although it shows problems of electrolytic action in saltwater, that phenomena are known as Galvanic corrosion. Therefore, while using Monel in shipbuilding it must be carefully insulated from other metals such as steel. 

Musical Instruments: Monel is used in some higher quality musical instruments such as trumpets, French horns and tubas as valve pistons or rotors. It is also used for electric bass strings in guitars. 

Other Applications: The incredible resistance to corrosion by acids and oxygen makes Monel a highly-preferred choice to be used in the chemical industry. Monel products can easily withstand highly-corrosive fluorides. The regulator made of Monel capable of regulating reactive cylinder gases like hydrogen chloride even when high delivery pressures are required.

Avail High-quality Monel Tubes for Commercial Applications

If you are related to anyone of the above-mentioned industries where Monel tubes and materials are frequently used and looking to buy high-quality Monel products, then Steel Pipe Sourcing has the perfect solution to offer. We are highly-reputed Monel tube suppliers in India and we offer an incredible range of Monel products at the unbeatable prices. 

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